Winam Safe Parenthood Initiative - WISPIVAS

Only Sweet Juices Without Seeds



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Winam Safe Parenthood Initiative (WISPIVAS) started as a post vasectomy club in Kenya where men converged to share their experiences on vasectomy and encourage other men whose families are complete to do the same. Women too joined the group , most of them were so happy that their husbands had taken up personal responsibility in family planning through vasectomy. After the gentle touch vasectomy,a man is like the seedless oranges,“only sweet juices without  seeds”.

SEEDLESS ORANGESProcedures are done at Kencom House Nairobi,FAMILY HEALTH OPTIONS OF KENYA CLINIC,OPPOSITE T-MALL,NAIROBI WEST ,MAI MAHIU ROAD OFF LANG’ATA ROAD & at FAMILY HEALTH OPTIONS OF KENYA CLINIC (Meshak Ndisi building,nxt to the bus park) in Kisumu. Procedures are done by  APPOINTMENT only. Welcome!